We know that all applications are different and many applications need a completely bespoke solution. JINGYE offers a full machining service to meet all of your bespoke application requirements.

Our in-house facility enables rapid response to customers requiring modifications. We are also able to manufacture very large sized wrapped bearings.

Samples can be produced quickly for testing using production specification materials before committing to tooling.

This service includes

Alteration of standard sintered components by changing bores, OD's and lengths as well as adding holes, grooves, flats etc.

Manufacture of sintered bearings from billets or cored bars; enabling specials to be provided and prototypes to be tested before committing to production tooling

Alteration of wrapped bearings

Manufacture of cast bronze bearings

Alteration of standard plastic bearings

Manufacture of plastic bearings from bars or tubes

Manufacture of shafts and allied parts