GGB Industrial Applications

- May 18, 2018-

The advantages of low wear - increased wear life, maintenance-free and good operability - are perfectly reflected in GGB's composite and metal composite bearing products and are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. The following are successful applications of GGB bearings.

1.the automotive industry

More than 30 applications, from the chassis to the front cabin, GGB low friction, high friction resistance, stable and reliable bearings can work well even in the most severe working environment. Dedicated to axles, brake systems, door anklets, box cover anklets; engine systems; shock absorbers; steering systems; transmission systems and wipers. Pass the EU ELV regulations.


In addition to excellent friction and wear resistance, GGB bearings are also compatible with all common types of hydraulic oils and water-oil emulsions and are ideal for gear pumps and axial radial piston pumps. Ability to prevent cavitation and chemical corrosion at high loads and high speeds to meet the requirements of advanced diesel pumps.


In compressor applications, the characteristics of the GGB self-lubricating bearings provide more reliable performance than conventional bearings. The bearings are subjected to heat and friction under edge and boundary lubrication. In the design of compressors, they are also better able to adapt to misalignment, thereby allowing the system to adapt to accumulative tolerances.