Slide bearing manufacturing method

- May 18, 2018-

In China, the methods used for sliding bearing wear generally include repair welding, insert bushings, and ramming. However, when the material of the shaft is No. 45 steel (tempered and tempered), if only the surfacing process is used, welding will occur. Stress, in the case of heavy load or high speed operation, may cause cracking and even fracture at the shaft shoulder. If stress relief annealing is used, it is difficult to operate, and the processing cycle is long and the repair cost is high; when the shaft material is HT200 Cast iron welding is not ideal. Some companies with higher maintenance technologies will use brush plating, laser welding, micro-arc welding, cold welding, etc. These maintenance technologies often require high requirements and high costs.

For the above repair technologies, Japanese and Korean companies in Europe, America, and the United States have become less common. The developed countries generally use polymer composite materials and nanotechnology. Polymer technology can be operated on site, effectively improving maintenance efficiency, and reducing maintenance costs and maintenance. strength.