Why use copper alloy in Con Rod bushing?

- Jan 16, 2019-

The copper alloy contains more than 50% of copper, it has the thermal conductivity of pure copper, and it is resistant to temperature build-up and anti-lock;

A large proportion can maintain the original state to a large extent, and the stability is good;

The copper alloy has good adaptability to the working environment, and has the advantage of anti-oxidation ability and corrosion resistance, and maintains the original shape to the maximum extent;

The copper alloy contains some other soft metals and wear-reducing metals, which improves the self-lubricating properties during running-in and work;

In the structure of copper alloy, copper has a large atomic particle size and a large bearing coefficient in common metals, and the anti-crushing ability of copper alloy is greatly improved.

The copper alloy is a non-ferrous metal, and the anti-seepage and anti-seizure ability is better when most of the components are made of black metal;

From the specific working environment, according to the outstanding performance requirements, choose a more suitable copper alloy type. The connecting rod bushing is made of copper alloy and its performance is currently very advantageous.


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