Characteristics And Functions Of Graphite Copper Bushing

- Jul 21, 2018-

Graphite copper sleeve is a kind of self lubricating copper sleeve with high strength copper alloy as matrix, graphite as lubricant, and also called black point copper sleeve by customers. This new product can completely replace the traditional type copper sleeve which can achieve lubricating effect through oil tank injection.

Oil groove copper sleeve in the use process need regular refueling maintenance to ensure its lubricity, if long time does not fuel its maintenance, loss of lubrication effect, then the copper sleeve friction coefficient will increase, the amount of wear and tear will soon be scrapped. Moreover, the oil groove copper sleeve is not easy to use in high temperature environment, and the improper treatment of the oil groove edge will cause damage to the shaft. The graphite copper sleeve produced by Chen Han bearing has the following characteristics:

1, no additional lubricant or grease should be added as lubricant.

2, it can operate normally at 300 degree high temperature without burning and burning.

3, graphite copper sleeve itself does not need to open the oil tank, through its matrix inlaid graphite in the process of formation of oil film to play the role of self lubrication, and can protect the shaft from being pulled.

4, strong compression resistance, high load, high hardness, low friction coefficient.

5, high precision, good walking performance.

6, suitable for reciprocating, rotating, rocking, intermittent movement and other oil film difficult to form occasions.


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