Classification Of Oilless Bearings

- Aug 25, 2018-

Oilless Bearings can bear the direction of load can be divided into (centripetal force) journal bearing and thrust journal bearing two categories. Oil-lubricated bearings, Grease-Lubricated bearings, water-lubricated bearings, bearings, solid-lubricated bearings, magnetic fluid bearings and bearings. The film thickness is classified according to the film lubrication bearing and two types of thick film lubrication bearings. Bronze bearings and cast iron bearings, plastic bearings, classified gem bearings, sintered metal bearings, self-lubricating bearings, oily bearings, etc. Wheel bearing, bearing structure can be divided into, three-leaf elliptical bearing, ladder tilting pad bearing and bearing, foil bearing. Owing to heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, heavy dust or acid corrosive gas CO, SO2 and serious friction and wear, most domestic enterprises still use traditional oil and fat lubrication, and these production conditions have actually exceeded oil and fat lubrication. Sliding range, it is easy to occur Oilless Bearings and other friction pairs bite or kill causing serious parts wear and damage, often leading to equipment stop shipping. In order to run continuous production, in addition to requiring the wheel in the original design, but also a large number of maintenance personnel to install multiple equipment is necessary. Seriously restricting the improvement of productivity, product spare parts and energy consumption has become a major obstacle to the development of production.


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