- May 18, 2018-

GGB has a long history as a technology leader in the production of sliding bearing products. The experience accumulated over the years has laid a solid foundation for our status today. We are the world's largest manufacturer of sliding bearings, bearing bushes and thrust washers.

In 1887, O. J. Garlock patented the first industrial seal

2. In 1899, Findlay and Battle established "Findlay Motor Metals Corporation". Two years later the company was renamed "Glacier Friction Metal Co., Ltd."

3, 1910, due to the increase in the demand for internal combustion engines, began to produce sliding bearings.

4. In 1995, DP4, a sliding bearing material used for buffers and other lead-free applications in hydraulic and dry-friction applications was put on the market.

5, In 1996, a series of new thermoplastic mixture bearing materials processed by injection molding process were introduced.

6, In 2007, the sealed bearing cartridge was applied to off-road equipment; the second sales office in China was opened in Beijing; the EP series composite materials were used for mechanical parts; and the fine injection molds for the production of high-energy plastics were purchased. Kunststofftechnik GmbH