GGB Product Series

- May 18, 2018-

1 Metal composites

GGB's PTFE metal composites provide the best performance over the widest range of loads, speeds, and temperatures with or without external lubrication.

This material is designed for a variety of applications in the industrial and automotive sectors. GGB metal composite bearing product range includes: DU, DUB, DP4, DP4B, DP10, DP11, DP31, DX, DX10, DS and HX.

2 Engineering plastic materials

Polymer thermoplastics are injection molded. Engineering polymer plastics include EP based EP, EP12 based EP22, PBT based EP22, PPS based EP43 and EP44, PEEK based EP63 and EP64. EP73 and EP79. EP, EP22, EP43 and EP63 with the PAI as the substrate have standard straight and flanged bearings, and also have special sizes and shapes. EP22 and EP43 have bar stock for samples and small batch production. All EP materials are available for special orders. Glacetal KA(R) Multilube(R) engineering plastics can also be supplied on POM substrates.