How Much Is The Installation Of Oilless Bearings?

- Aug 25, 2018-

1, we should determine whether there are bumps and bumps on the mating surfaces of the axle and axle housing.

2. whether dust or mold sand is attached to the surface of the Oilless Bearings housing.

3., though it is a slight bump, bump, etc., if necessary, it should be removed with oil grindstone or fine sand paper.

4. in order to avoid bruising during assembly, a small amount of lubricating oil should be rubbed on the surface of the axle and axle housing. In order to install the bearing in the shaft center, the force must be applied in the inner ring, and in order to install the bearing in the bearing shell, the force must be applied in the outer ring. When bearing is applied, make sure that the force is vertical and uniform, and the beating will cause the bearing to be injured. For this reason, try to avoid biased play.

5. no oil bearing bearing retainers and seal plates are absolutely useless. The use of iron hairpin and bushing installation method is commonly used, because it will damage the bearing, so do not directly knock. Make sure that the sleeves are inserted in the middle and knocked in. Iron should be lightly tapped. When the inner and outer rings are tightly matched in the mechanical structure, the pad should be used so that the force can be added to the inner and outer rings at the same time. If only the inner ring is pressed, the force must be between the balls and into the outer ring, thus causing a scar on the track surface. To install large margin bearings on the shaft, in clean oil, the bearing will be heated to 80 ~ 90 degrees, so that the internal diameter expansion to install the method is widely used.

6. the hardness of the bearing is reduced due to overheating. Therefore, it must not exceed 100 degrees. At this point, the bearing must be suspended with steel wire, or placed on the wire class, support plate, do not place at the bottom of the groove. When the bearing reaches the desired temperature (below 100 degrees), it should be immediately removed from the groove, quickly inserted into the shaft, the bearing will shrink with the temperature drop, sometimes between the shoulder and the end face of the bearing, there will be a gap, therefore, the need to use tools to compress the bearing in the direction of the shaft.


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