How To Clean Oil-free Bearings?

- Nov 21, 2020-

When removing the oil-free bearing for inspection, we must understand the appearance and make some corresponding records. At the same time, we will do the follow-up cleaning work. These are very important to us. Oil-free bearing cleaning The method is as follows:

1. rough washing method

If rough washing is to be done, use a brush to remove grease or viscous material in oil. If you rotate the bearing in oil, pay attention to the rolling surface caused by foreign matter. These will have a great impact on us. Follow the correct method to do a good job in cleaning, so that it can bring more effects to all of us, so everyone should have an understanding of these when doing it.

2. Clean regularly

Everyone must carefully complete the work of oil-free bearing cleaning, and do some corresponding work at each stage, so that the subsequent service life can be better extended, and at the same time, everyone can have a better life in the application process. Multi-function, so we need to do these related considerations in advance, and can do the cleaning work better.