Oil-free Bearing Applications

- May 18, 2018-

SF-2 plus boundary lubrication bearings: acid poly methyl aldehyde, has a high wear resistance, bearing surface arrangement with oil storage pit must be filled with lubricating grease, especially suitable for high load and low speed Rotary motion, swing motion, and often under load, opening and closing and not easy to form a fluid lubrication, in the boundary lubrication conditions, can be long-term use without maintenance, while the refueling process can extend the bearing life It is currently applied to metallurgical machinery, mining machinery, water conservancy machinery, auto parts, construction machinery, and agricultural machinery.

Oil-free self-lubricating bearing: This product is made of steel plate as the base body, spherical sintered bronze powder in the middle layer, and surface-rolled mixture of polytetrafluoroethylene [ptfe] and lead. It has the characteristics of low friction coefficient, wear resistance and corrosion resistance, no oil self-lubrication and long service life. Using it can reduce costs, reduce noise, and prevent stickiness and slippage. It is widely used in various mechanical sliding parts such as printing presses, textile machines, hydraulic vans, tobacco machines, medicinal machinery, fitness machines, micro motors, automobiles, and motorcycles.