Oilless Bearing Production Process And Principle

- May 18, 2018-

Due to the requirements of the production process, some key equipment of industrial and mining enterprises are operating under extremely harsh conditions. Due to heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, large dust, or acidic corrosive gases such as CO and sulfur dioxide in the air, many problems have arisen in the lubrication of equipment, and friction and wear are serious. So far, most of the above-mentioned enterprises in China still use traditional oils, Grease lubrication, but in fact these working conditions have exceeded the range of oil and grease lubrication, and it is easy to cause bite or bite of bearings and other friction pairs, causing serious wear and damage of parts, often leading to equipment outage. . In order to produce continuous operation, in addition to the original design requires the installation of multiple equipment repairs, but also to invest a lot of maintenance personnel. Seriously restricting the increase of productivity, spare parts and energy consumption are enormous, and it has become an important obstacle to the development of production. Companies such as automobile manufacturing, cement production, and petrochemical industry have all proposed requirements for special lubrication materials under complex working conditions. For this reason, the study of inlaid self-lubricating composite materials highlights its own characteristics in the material formulation and preparation process. The material properties have reached the international advanced level, which solves the lubrication problems under special conditions and brings obvious Economic and social benefits. However, due to a variety of reasons, more domestic enterprises have not yet adopted, and the above situation still exists.