Self-lubricating Bearing Advantages

- May 18, 2018-

Oil-free lubrication bearing series

1, no oil lubrication or less oil lubrication, suitable for places can not refuel or difficult to refuel, can be used without maintenance or less maintenance.

Self-lubricating bearings

Self-lubricating bearings

2, good wear resistance, low friction coefficient, long service life.

3, there is a moderate amount of elastoplasticity, which can distribute the stress on a wider contact surface and improve the bearing capacity.

4, static and dynamic friction coefficient is similar, can eliminate the creep at low speed, thus guarantee the working precision of the machinery.

5. It can make machinery reduce vibration, reduce noise, prevent pollution, and improve working conditions.

6, in the course of operation can form a transfer film, play a role in the protection of the grinding axis, no bite axis phenomenon.

7. The hardness requirement of the grinding shaft is low, and the shaft without the quenching and tempering treatment can be used, thereby reducing the processing difficulty of the relevant parts.

8, thin-walled structure, light weight, can reduce the mechanical volume