Talking About The Maintenance And Maintenance Of Metal Linear Bearings And Plastic Linear Bearings

- Dec 26, 2020-

With the improvement of the processing accuracy of linear bearings, the application of linear bearings is often seen in tight equipment and special machinery. 

For example, in automobiles, robots and digital three-dimensional coordinate measuring equipment, linear bearings The writing equipment can be used for intense applications, so linear bearings have attracted more and more attention.

In order to better and maintain the function of linear bearings in the course of operation, they need to be aligned and maintained. The protection and maintenance of linear bearings are divided into metal linear bearings and plastic linear bearings. 

The protection and maintenance of metal linear bearings need to pay attention to the two types of smooth and friction. The operation is to inject one-sided anti-corrosion oil into the linear bearing and add smooth grease after it is air-dried.

The smooth shaft can supply oil from the oil supply pipe, which is probably the oil hole on the outer bearing housing. Because the sealing ring will scrape off the smooth oil inside, the oil is not suitable for non-porous bearings with sealing rings.

Regarding the maintenance and protection of plastic linear bearings, because the sliding film in the plastic linear bearings is made of self-smooth plastic, there is no need for extra oil supply and protection during the application process. 

Moreover, the plastic linear bearing has a chip groove, so the bearing or the shaft head is full of dust and does not need to be protected. The dust will be actively removed by the chip groove in the course of action, and the plastic linear bearing can also be washed during the application process. 

Therefore, compared with the metal linear axis, the plastic linear bearing needs more maintenance and protection. The content of this article is reorganized from the Internet on the web. The goal is to spread more information. If it harms your rights, please contact and delete it. 

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