What Factors Will Affect The Service Life Of Oil-free Bearings

- Oct 01, 2020-

Many people find that the service life of different oil-free bearings will be very different. In fact, we do have some differences in the application process. Then, under the same working conditions and the same model, why does it still appear to be used? In the case of different life spans, what factors affect the life span?

   1. Daily maintenance

   In daily use, the specific maintenance work should also be better. If a problem occurs and is not resolved in time, it will greatly affect the service life. Therefore, we should all have some correct methods. After the daily maintenance work is done better, the follow-up use can really be guaranteed. Therefore, we still need to plan ahead.

   2. Wear

  When oil-free bearings are usually used, the wear condition will be different due to the difference in daily maintenance work. These wear and tear will directly affect the service life in the future. Therefore, we should pay attention to the situation in this area in time and have a certain understanding of the specific wear and tear issues, and then we can truly rest assured during the application process. These are very important to us.

  3. External damage

   Many people who use oil-free bearings have eliminated external damage, which will also have a great impact on their own use. They should consider all aspects in a targeted manner and try to avoid some external damage. When we can fully consider these, we can reduce unnecessary external damage, so that we can be more confident in the process of use, and the overall service life can be better extended.