What Is Composite Lubrication Bearing?

- Sep 29, 2018-

Due to the special production process requirements, some key equipment in industrial and mining enterprises run under extremely bad working conditions. Because of heavy equipment, high ambient temperature, large dust or acid corrosive gases in the air. It brings many problems to the lubrication of equipment, and the friction and wear are serious. At present, most of them still use traditional oil and grease lubrication. In fact, these industrial and mineral conditions are beyond the scope of oil and grease lubrication. Transportation.

Composite material used in composite lubricating bearings is a new type of extreme pressure solid lubricating material, which is composed of metal substrate and solid lubricant paste embedded in holes or grooves of the substrate. During the friction process, the metal substrate bears most of the load. After friction, the solid lubricant in the hole or groove is transferred or reversed to the friction surface, and a solid transfer film with good lubrication, firm adhesion and uniform coverage is formed on the friction surface, which greatly reduces friction and wear. As the friction progresses, the embedded solid lubricant is continuously provided on the friction surface, ensuring a good lubrication for the friction pair in long-term operation.