What Is The Difference Between Rolling Bearings And Sliding Bearings? Where Are They Used?

- Aug 25, 2018-


High rotational accuracy, some rolling bearings can bear both radial and axial loads, less consumption of lubricant, easy installation, friction coefficient of rolling bearings than sliding bearings, has been standardized, serialized, universal, easy to use and maintain, can save the manufacturing of sliding bearings used in relatively high prices Precious non-ferrous metals; however, rolling bearings are particularly sensitive to foreign bodies such as scraps of metal, the life of rolling bearings is shorter than that of sliding bearings, and the load bearing capacity of rolling bearings is much smaller than that of sliding bearings of the same volume, so the radial dimension of rolling bearings is larger. Therefore, in the occasion of bearing heavy load and the occasion of requiring small radial size and compact structure (such as internal combustion engine crankshaft bearings, rolling mill roller bearings), sliding bearings are mostly used; rolling bearing vibration and noise are relatively large, so it is difficult for general rolling bearings to have high precision and no vibration. Yu Shengren often chooses sliding bearings.

The main difference is that the rolling bearing has a rolling element (ball, cylindrical roller, tapered roller, needle), and the sliding bearing has no rolling element. The difference between a rolling bearing and a sliding bearing is first shown in its structure. The rolling bearing supports the rotating shaft by the rotation of the rolling body, so the contact part is a point. The more the rolling body, the more the contact point is. The sliding bearing supports the rotating shaft by a smooth surface, so the contact part is a surface. Secondly, the motion mode of the rolling bearing is different, and the motion mode of the sliding bearing is sliding, so the friction situation is completely different. Rolling bearings are generally used in small mechanical equipment, where the rotational speed is higher, such as motors, gearboxes and so on. Sliding bearings are usually used in low-speed and heavy-load conditions, or in maintenance and lubrication difficult parts of the operation, such as ship's propulsion shaft.


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