What Is The Principle Of Oil-free Bearing?

- Aug 08, 2020-

The metal matrix bears the load, and the solid lubricating material with special formula can play a lubricating role. 

So, what is the principle of oil-free bearing?

Self lubricating composite material is a new type of anti extreme pressure solid lubricating material, which is composed of metal matrix and solid lubricating paste embedded in matrix hole or groove.

In the process of friction, the metal substrate bears most of the load. Through friction, the solid lubricant in the hole or groove is transferred or reversed to the friction surface, forming a solid transfer film with good lubrication, firm adhesion and uniform covering on the friction surface, thus greatly reducing friction and wear.

As the friction progresses, the embedded solid lubricant is continuously provided on the friction surface to ensure good lubrication during long-term operation.

In fact, an oil-free bearing means that the bearing can work without or with little oil, rather than without oil at all.

In addition, in order to reduce the friction and wear inside the bearing and prevent burn and adhesion, most bearings need to add lubricating oil to ensure the stable and reliable operation of the bearing, so as to prolong the fatigue life of the bearing.