Inner Forming

The electrochemical profile is used to create cavities in the parts. The usual rotationally symmetric tool is introduced into the assembly through a hole. Through electrochemical corrosion, a cavity is created, the diameter of which exceeds the diameter of the initial hole (the aspect ratio is as high as 2:1 or more). The cavity can also be made on one side or asymmetrically.
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Product Details

The key advantage of PECM

● Generation of undercuts

● Establishing connections of closely spaced holes inside the workpieces along with simultaneous chamfering of intersections

● Improvement of flow-related characteristics of workpieces

● Avoiding mechanical and thermal loads thanks to non-contact machining at room temperature


A variety of raw materials in our deep draw manufacturing process:

●Alloy steels and construction steels

●Corrosive resistant steels

●  High-carbon chromium steels

●  Stainless chrome-nickel steels

●  Tool steels

●  Chromium-nickel heat-resistant alloys


●  Copper and copper alloys

● Nickel and nickel alloys

●  Magnets

● Titan and its alloys

● Ceramic-metal hard alloys (WC-Co, WC-TiC-Co)

● Nanostructure steels and alloys



● Automotive

● Aircraft engine-building

● Electronic

●  Medical

● Instrumentation

●Tool manufacture-die making-Punch-Cutting

●Jewelry industry and Armory



Mode design:


R&D Equipment:



Measurement Equipment:



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