Fine Blanking

Fine blanking is a high-precision blanking method, which is to die-cut the shape of the part. Fine blanking adopts a professional metal stamping machine, which provides equal pressure from the top and bottom of the metal plate, and cuts the edge in one stroke to produce a flat edge.
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Product Details

Our company provide more cost-effective, better quality and higher productivity fine blanking parts by 20 years working experience, and high speed and precision machine


1. Thickness of plates up to 10mm

2. Tolerance between 0.0076-0.051mm

3. Low costs in the large production volume

4. In-house mold designed, manufactured and maintained

5. Materials available: carbon iron, stainless steel, aluminum, copper and alloy.

6. In-house precision machining and hot treatment after fine blanking


Automotive industry: Drive trains, Braking systems, Seat adjusters, Door locking mechanisms

Tool for domestic use: drill component

Medical equipment: Surgical instruments.

Textile machine spare parts: compound needle, sinker and guild needle.



Mode design:


Measurement Equipment:




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