Progressive Die Metal Stampings

Progressive die stamping is perhaps the most common metal stamping process. We use a single mold to gradually create your custom part as a metal belt travels through the mold. The parts are carried by strips and formed in multiple stations of the progressive die. Progressive stamping is usually the most economical type of stamping. Our OBI and straight edge presses range in size from 2 tons to 100 tons and specialize in manufacturing precision stamping parts of various shapes and metals. The sizes of these metals range from 0.04mm to 6 mm, and the widths range from 2 mm to 100 mm.
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Product Details

Our company provide more cost-effective, better quality and higher productivity fine blanking parts by 20 years working experience, and high speed and precision machine

Our team focuses on progressive metal stamping, using the combination of high-speed punching and continuous punching, and 4-slide and multi-slide punching machines to provide the most cost-effective solution for mass manufacturing.


1. Thickness of plates down to 0.04 mm

2. Tolerance between up to +/-0.007mm

3. High speed and low costs

4. In-house mold designed, manufactured, and maintained

5. Sheet materials include: brass, phosphor bronze, beryllium copper, stainless steel, cold roll steel, aluminum & customized special materials.


· Automotive

· Appliances

· Communications

· Renewable Energy

· Consumer Electronics

· Medical/Medical Devices

· Aerospace

· Military/Defense



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