● Automotive : Braking systems, clutches, gearbox  

● Transmissions hinges : door bonnet boot cabriolet roof tops

● Pedals pumps : axialpiston, radial piston, gear and vane, seatmechanisms steering systems struts and shock absorberswiper systems etc.

● Industrial : Aerospace, agricultural equipment construction equipment food and beverage material handling equipment,

● Forming machines : metal plastic and rubber office equipment;medical and scientific equipment; packaging equipment;pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders pumps and motors, railroad;and tramways, textile machinery valves etc.

1.Composite self-lubrication bushings 2.Metallic self-lubrication bushings 3.Bi-Metal bushings 4.Sintered bronze and iron bushings 5.Engine bearing and bushings 6.Plastic bushings 7.Customer-designed products