500#Sp Graphite Bronze Bearing

500#Sp Graphite Bronze Bearing

500HP solid lubricated copper bearing is based on high-hardness copper alloy with HB>245. It is a kind of solid lubricant inlaid non-oil bearing.
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Product Details

As one of the best suppliers of POM Coated Self Lubricating Thrust Washer, Sintered Bronze Bearings, Bronze Based Low Frication Bushing, we have a significant market share and we are proud to be ahead of the pack in the industry. We constantly improve and practice our great mission to ensure that customers can get high-quality, high safety, high energy-saving products and related services. We have been working hard in the cause that we have created. With efficient management, advanced technology and equipment as well as strict quality assurance, we provide users with high-quality products and services. We are oriented to users with first-class products and first-class services.

1.Product Introduction:

500HP solid lubricated copper bearing is based on high-hardness copper alloy with HB>245. It is a kind of solid lubricant inlaid non-oil bearing. A certain proportion of holes are drilled in the wear-resistant surface.


2. Product Technical Data:

Hardness (HB)  >245

Tensile strength (N/mm²)  >785

Limited Temp (℃) 300~400

Max load (N/mm²)  118

MAX SPEED (M/min)  15

Max PV (N/mm2*m/s) 1.65

Compression set amount (400 N/mm²)  <0.05


3.Product Feature and Application 

1.Ultra high carrying capacity, it is suitable for those with low speed, high precision, and no impact.

2.Better performance than 500SP1 and 500SP5 in term of mechanical strength and hardness

Potential applications include, but are not limited to, hydraulic machinery equipment such as segmentation, miter and emergency gates, slewing rings, wind power components, large valves, heavy machinery, cranes and conveyors, mining, construction, agriculture, and Other off-road equipment.

Bearings are also suitable for cast iron plants, steel mills, offshore facilities and civil engineering projects such as bridges and other structures.


4. Product details




Bearing forms available in standard dimensions



Cylindrical bushes

Flanged bushes

Sliding plates

Thrust washer

Flanged washers

Deliver Shipping Term

Different product packaging methodsHigh-intensity carton packagingPalletized packaging library
Professional placementAir freightShipping



We are acquiring cutting-edge technology to ensure that our 500#Sp Graphite Bronze Bearing is competitive in both the domestic and international market. We have established a good reputation of high quality, low price and good service. In line with the business philosophy of 'let users rest assured' and strictly abide by the principle of 'valuing contracts and keeping promises', we hope to cooperate sincerely with friendly traders from all walks of life and establish long-term trade relations.


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